Singapore Socks5 Proxy List

Here you can get SOCKS 5 proxies from Singapore for free. These SOCKS5 proxy servers are checked and added to the Singapore Socks 5 proxy list.

All proxies from this list are auto updated, every proxy server has a full information about proxy location, proxy port and proxy speed.

Singapore Socks5 Proxies

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IP Address Port Anonymity Country Speed 4145 Elite United States 247 ms 3129 Elite United States 125 ms 18765 Elite United States 272 ms 3327 Elite Iraq 122 ms 4145 Elite United States 216 ms 1080 Elite China 380 ms 4145 Elite United States 244 ms 4145 Elite United States 249 ms 5678 Elite Russia 317 ms 9999 Elite United States 323 ms 4145 Elite United States 102 ms 1080 Elite Philippines 264 ms 57643 Elite United States 382 ms 48215 Elite Singapore 131 ms 4145 Elite Canada 217 ms 5001 Elite Vietnam 375 ms 46601 Elite Czechia 158 ms 15008 Elite United Kingdom 384 ms 6667 Elite India 183 ms 4145 Elite United States 112 ms 4145 Elite United States 258 ms 57481 Elite United States 362 ms 2021 Elite Canada 135 ms 20202 Elite United States 256 ms 4145 Elite United States 215 ms 41679 Elite United States 264 ms
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All countries around the world.

Are free proxies safe?

Using a proxy from a free proxy server list, you are sharing that proxy with other unknown people on internet. Therefore is recommended to use free proxies only for basic web surfing where no sencitive data are involved.

Is SOCKS5 better than VPN?

Since both work at a low level protocol and supports various networking technologies, including IPv6 and UDP, SOCKS 5 proxies are the better option when it comes to speed, configuration and usage. You can use them together if you want to improve your security.

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