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What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy, or proxy server, in network, is a server program or device, which acts as an intermediary in requests for resources made by a client to another server.

For example, if you go to through an proxy server, the request would be like this:
You will be the client (A), the proxy server will be the intermediary (B) and will be the end destination (C).
(A) open the page (C), it will do so by means of a request to B, which in turn will transfer the request to (C).
In this way, (C) will not know(in theory) that the request originally came from (A).

Why should I use a proxy server?

Proxies is commonly used to access to certain websites that is blocked by ISP, Country, School, Workplace ect. Or just want to navigate on websites anonimily and don't want their IP address to be identified or their identity tracked down.

What types of proxies are there?

There are several types of proxy, on our website you will find 3 of them: HTTP, SSL/HTTPS and SOCKS.

What is HTTP Proxy?

HTTP proxies are those that use the standard HTTP protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and designed for basic web browsing on websites that do not require secure SSL connection.

When a HTTP proxy is used, all information transmitted through it is exposed such as passwords, email, etc. If the connection is intercepted all data can be easily visualized as plain text.

What is SSL Proxy?

SSL or HTTPS Proxies work exactly like standard HTTP with the difference that the "S" of "Secure" means that the data transferred between a Client-Server are encrypted.

What is Transparent proxy?

Transparent or level 3 proxies, through headers, send your real IP address to the destination server, so practically these proxies don't make you anonymous.

What is Anonymous proxy?

Also called Distorting proxies because not show your real IP address, but tell to the final server through headers that you are using a proxy.

What is Elite proxy?

These proxies have the highest level of anonymity, the final server doesn't know your real IP address and doesn't know that you are using a proxy.

What is SOCKS Proxy?

SOCKS Proxies establish a TCP/UDP connection to another server on behalf of the client, routing all traffic between the client and the server. Because it works at a lower level, they are highly anonymous.

Which is better, HTTP proxies or SOCKS proxies?

We recommend SOCKS Proxies because provide high level of anonymity and support SSL connection by default, however, because they are better there may be less proxies available than the HTTP ones.

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