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Here you can get free HTTP proxy servers list that are accessible by any Internet user, scraped from hundreds of thousands sources of open proxies that are operated on the Internet.
An HTTP proxy operates between a Web server and a Web client. It works on the HiperText Transfer Protocol processing the content line-by-line sended by the requested web server before sending it to the final Web client.

All proxies from this list are updated in realtime, every IP has a full information about proxy location, proxy quality, proxy speed, proxy type, and proxy anonymity.

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IP Address Port Anonymity Country Speed 80 Elite Turkey 345 ms 3128 Elite Japan 214 ms 3128 Transparent Japan 393 ms 22397 Elite Canada 216 ms 1077 Elite Canada 219 ms 8081 Transparent Poland 272 ms 80 Elite Singapore 294 ms 80 Elite Japan 272 ms 9002 Elite China 374 ms 80 Transparent South Korea 193 ms 3128 Transparent United States 332 ms 3128 Elite Japan 106 ms 18080 Elite China 367 ms 9002 Elite China 390 ms 22093 Elite Canada 205 ms 80 Elite United States 344 ms 80 Elite Singapore 338 ms 80 Elite Russia 295 ms 8880 Elite Russia 161 ms 80 Elite United States 395 ms 8080 Elite United States 121 ms 3128 Elite China 214 ms 20201 Elite China 339 ms 80 Elite Germany 164 ms 19639 Elite Canada 320 ms 999 Transparent Colombia 217 ms
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How can I get a free proxy list?

We provide free proxy list database with IPs from 171 countries around the world, with the simplest and easiest to use layouts of all the free proxy server providers so users can narrow down the type of free proxies they are searching for. Just take one from the table or export the entire list in multiple data format.

What is the best free proxy?

This website is the most frequently recommended free proxy server provider, each address is tested for latency, speed, country, city and anonymity with uptime percentages averaging around 70%.

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